Faculty College a Success!

Faculty and staff from five GLCA Colleges gathered in Wooster Ohio on May 20-23rd, 2018 to discuss mobility and movement. We hosted five speakers from diverse fields to discuss their research and the so-called “Mobilities turn”. The Faculty College was inspired by the desire to move beyond conventional ways of thinking about migration.

Participants of the Faculty College

More importantly, we wanted to create a network of scholars thinking, learning, and reflecting on the pedagogies of mobility beyond the borders of our institutions and traditional academic scholarship. We seek to “Open Education” and promote other forms of activist scholarship. During the College, faculty and staff brainstormed research projects that we could collaborate on going forward. If you would like to see the lectures, please check out our YouTube Stream.

Following are examples of germinating projects and project leads.

    1. Oral History Project (Brian Miller and Laura Reeck)
    2. Edited Volume. Working Title: “Conceptualizing and Living (Im)mobilities and Bordering Practices”
    3. Mobility of Material Culture and Ideas (Jim Bonk and Margaret Ng).
    4. Walls, Towers, Weapons Wires: Materializing Mobilities and Immobilities (Rebecca Alexander)
    5. Ecology of Mobilities (Katie Holt)
    6. Footsteps through Migration (Laura Sirot and Kim Tritt)

Global Course Connections

The goal of our project is to create research and pedagogy groups that explore the dynamic relationship between the movement of people, objects, and ideas. This way of looking at movement is distinct from frameworks that just look at the movement of people (typically international migration), and the effect and response of this movement. We hope that as we form our groups, the faculty/staff that are focussed on pedagogy will also consider creating connected courses.

In this post, we identify three GLCA courses that have already explored this boundary and two upcoming courses for the following semester.

Graphic: “Connections” by deargdoom57 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Fall 2017 

Roma, Gypsies, Travelers, Ian MacMillen, Russian and East European Studies, Oberlin College
Bulgarian Government and Politics, Emilia Zankina, Political Science, Amerian University in Bulgaria

Kenyon College’s Community Engaged Learning in a Rural Setting exploring the subject of Latino’s in Rural America.

Migration and Citizenship and Migration and the New Europe,collaboration between ProfessorsTaku Suzuki and Brian Miller

Fall 2018

Migration and Citizenship, Taku Suzuki, International Studies, Denison University
Refugees in the 21st Century, Chryssa Zachou, Sociology, Amerian College of Greece

Worlds of Islam, Marcus Pyka, History, Franklin University Switzerland
History of Islam, Ibra Sene, History and Global & International Studies, The College of Wooster

More information on our pedagogy modules and examples of syllabi that we have created can be found here.

For anyone considering connected courses that are at GLCA/GLAA institutions, please see these helpful resources curated by the GLCA.