We seek to build an interdisciplinary research and learning community beyond the borders of our educational institutions. Our goal is to recast limiting notions of migration towards inclusive notions of mobility and movement.

Mobility examines the processes, structure, and consequences of the movement of people, resources, commodities, and ideas.

According to Greenblatt, a mobilities mindset should take seriously (1) “the physical, infrastructural, and institutional conditions of movement”; (2) the contact zones of movement; (3) the “tension between individual agency and structural constraint”; and that, (4) movement is rooted in “particular times, places and local cultures”. Studying mobility sheds light on the visible and hidden movement of peoples, objects, images, texts, and ideas.


Migration and Dance

Amyaz Moledina and Rachel Lau ’19 Migration is a subject of great debate the world over. Perhaps the reason for controversy and debate has to do with how movement, which is central to migration, has been conceptualized and associated with imagined concepts like “home” and “host” which is further confused with the imagined community of …


This project is funded by the Great Lakes Colleges Association “Grand Challenge” Grant. The grant was used to leverage additional funding from the Hewlett Mellon Presidential Discretionary Fund at Wooster. Contact Amyaz Moledina for more information.


Principal Investigators

Amyaz Moledina (Wooster), Isis Nusair (Denison), and Ibra Sene (Wooster)

Emeritus: Joanna Grabski (Arizona State, former Denison Faculty)


Initial Collaborating Staff, Faculty, and Students 


Marieke Herrmann (German)

Katherine Holt (History)

Seiko Matsuzawa (Sociology)

Leah Mirakhor (English)

Beth Muellner (German)

Christina Welsch (History)

Vince Discipio, Roger Dills, and Jon Brietenbucher (Information and Educational Technology)

Maansi Kumar ’18 (Economics, Womens and Gender Studies) Mobility Studies Research Student Assistant



Gary Baker (German)

Taku Suzuki (East Asian and International Studies)